Insurance for foreigners for a visa and residence permanent  - Photo
Health insurance guarantees for foreigners:

1. Agreement of the policy for a visa, residence permanent and entry to Ukraine.

2. Includes permanent residency, work, education, tourism, etc.

3. Coverage of insurance — EUR 30,000.

4. Online registration in 5 minutes.

5. Caring for medical coverage 24/7.


Product description
Insurance terms
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Medical insurance is an important document for obtaining visa to Ukraine and a temporary or permanent residence permit. Health policy is also recommended for foreign citizens to enter our country for tourist purposes.

This insurance program is universal and suitable for any purpose of a visit to Ukraine. It will be very useful :

  • on a family trip,
  • purpose of employment,
  • while traveling around the country,
  • or working, visit, colleagues and partners.

An insurance policy for foreign citizens will provide a range of necessary medical services, medicines and medical coverage in case of diseases.

Health insurance for foreign citizens is suitable :

  • for a visa (transit, short-term or long-term);
  • for a temporary or permanent residence in Ukraine;
  • for entering Ukraine, covering COVID-19 (tourism, medical treatment, business, private, business trip, etc.).

Страховка для візи в Україну - фотоHealth insurance policy guarantees for obtaining a visa for foreign citizens:

Иконка_1Insurance (protection) for 30,000 Euros (the required amount, according to Ukrainian law).

Иконка_2Compliance with the norms of the consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine. 

Иконка_3COVID-19 coverage, which is currently compulsory according to the ministry of Ukraine. 

Страховка для ПМЖ в Українї - фотоMedical insurance for obtaining a temporary or permanent residence permit to foreigners in Ukraine provides:

Иконка_1€30,000 coverage including COVID-19 insurance.

Иконка_2Agreement of the policy with the term of the migration service of Ukraine. 

Иконка_3Coverage of additional options: costs of refugee, explosion and deportation 

Страхування для в'їзду в Україну - фотоHealth policy to entering Ukraine with COVID-19 coverage provides foreign citizens:

Иконка_1Protection against corona virus disease in Ukraine. 

Иконка_2Treatment and observation.

Иконка_3Insurance agreement with the terms of Ukrainian law and the requirements of border services. 

How many medical services included in health insurance for foreigners? 

health insurance of foreigners_infographics




Emergency outpatient care:

  • consultations of specialists of a medical institution on the profile of the disease to establish preparatory and basic diagnoses; 
  • cover medical procedures and consumption (including negligible surgical facilitations, dressings, drips installations, etc.), which can be performed ill person prescribed by a doctor;  
  • supply treatment with medicines and medical products with delivery. 

Emergency inpatient care:

  • consultations of specialists of a medical institution on the profile of the disease to establish preparatory and basic diagnoses; 
  • cover medical procedures and consumption (including negligible surgical facilitations, dressings, drips installations, etc.), which can be performed ill person prescribed by a doctor;  
  • supply treatment with medicines and medical products with delivery. 
  • carrying out laboratory and / or diagnostic inspection, includes. MRI, CT.

Emergency dentistry 


Repatriation and evacuation




Оbservation (with insurance against corona virus disease)

What diseases is covered by health insurance for foreign citizens?

  • Transmissible and parasitic 
  • Endocrine system 
  • Nervous system and sensory organs 
  • Circulatory systems
  • Respiratory organs 
  • Digestive organs 
  • Genitourinary system 
  • Skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, bones, joints 
  • Injuries and poisoning of various anatomies
  • Dentistry 
  • Acute obstetric and gynecological pathology 
  • Corona virus disease (if this option is selected) 

For how long foreign citizens can be insured? 

You can buy a voluntary health insurance policy for foreigners with a period from 2 weeks to 1 year.

How much does health insurance cost for foreigners?

Insurance cost — from 209.00 UAHup to 2980.00, depending on: 

  • term of insurance; 
  • including of additional option COVID-19.

Does the health policy contain any age restrictions for foreigners?

The insured persons aged from 6 to 60 years cover all. 

In what territory is the health insurance for foreigners valid? 

The place of validity of the VHI (DMC) medical policy for foreign citizens in the territory of Ukraine, except for the territories of the independent Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol city, Luhansk and Donetsk regions, where state authorities temporarily do not execution their powers. 

Where the terms of health insurance contract for foreigners can be revised?

The conditions of VHI (DMC) insurance for foreign citizens are posted on the page of our website of the written Agreement.

Where to go in case of illness?

Within 48 hours, you need to call the Misto insurance company or the franchisee company by phone: +38 (044) 531-90-36 and report the insured matter. Concern doctor will help and guide you how to act according to the disease and where to go for help and treatment.

Why is it worth choosing insurance in IC Misto?

  • Help of English-speaking operators to get insurance 24/7.
  • Online registration in 5 minutes with instant electronic contract.
  • Better insurance conditions at the best price.
  • It is simple and reliable to buy a VHI (DMC) policy online.
Медичне страхування іноземців - фото


Insurance options/
type of treatment:
The insured sum is 30,000 EUR,
including the limit in case
Voluntary medical
COVID-19 insurance:
25000 UAH
  • outpatient treatment

3000 UAH

  • inpatient treatment

20000 UAH

  • observation costs

2000 UAH

Emergency outpatient care 500 UAH
Emergency inpatient care 3000 UAH
Emergency dentistry  500 UAH
Repatriation and evacuation 50000 UAH
Deportation 5000 UAH
Term of the contract 14 days 30 days 90 days  180 days 360 days
Without included in COVID-19 agreement 209 UAH 274 UAH 481 UAH 900 UAH 1380 UAH
With included in COVID-19 agreement 359 UAH 474 UAH 981 UAH 1700 UAH 2980 UAH

To conclude a voluntary insurance contract while traveling abroad necessary the following documents:

  • foreign passport of a citizen of Ukraine or a foreigner;
  • identification code or ID card.

Що робити в разі раптового захворювання?

  • Call for help by phone: +38(044)531-90-36.
  • Report the following information:
    1. last name, first name of the Insured Person;
    2. contract number;
    3. description of the circumstances of the incident and the nature of assistance required;
    4. the location of the insured person and the contact telephone number for feedback.
  • Before applying to a medical institution, the Insured Person or an authorized person must call the telephone number specified in the Application-Accession / Electronic Policy to the Misto Insurance Company / Representative to agree on the procedure for receiving services.
  • If the Insured Person needs emergency medical care, and it is impossible to notify about it before receiving it, such notice shall be sent to the Insurer's Representative or the Insurer as soon as possible, but not later than within 24 hours of receiving such assistance. The relevant notice may be transmitted by any person acting on behalf of the Insured: his relatives, employees of the medical institution, etc.
  • If necessary, the Insured Person is obliged to confirm his / her term of stay on the territory of Ukraine by sending the Insurer / Representative of the Insurer copies of passport pages with marks on border crossing, starting from the beginning of the Agreement.

If you have any questions about the insurance case, you can contact us by phone 0 800 211 118.

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"Місто" - хороша компанія, я купував страховку для відпочинку декілька разів. Приємно, що у Вінниці є такого масштабу страхова компанія. Ціна найдешевша, умови страхування найкращі. Тому, коди я їду відпочивати, завжди телефоную в "Місто".

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