Health insurance programs for foreigners in Ukraine: for a visa and type of permanent residence with coverage of all diseases, as well as for entry into Ukraine from COVID-19

Insurance of foreigners

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Product description

Medical insurance for foreigners in Ukraine is a compulsory type of insurance for non-residents.

Insurance of foreign citizens is required for the following purposes:

  1. entry to Ukraine compulsory COVID-19 insurance coverage,  as according with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministery of Ukraine № 1236 dated December 9, 2020;

  2. registration for a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine, when submitting documents to the migration service;

  3. opening visa to Ukraine for long term.

Insurance of foreigners provides compensation and financial support for illness and/or injury.

Insurance of foreign citizens to enter Ukraine

According with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministery Ukraine № 1236 of December 9, 2020, every foreigner must  provide a valid insurance policy that covers COVID-19 treatment and examination. 

We offer four insurance programs for foreign citizens suitable for entering Ukraine.

Illness insurance program "COVID-STOP"

"COVID-STOP" is a basic program for crossing the border of Ukraine with a cost of UAH 200 and a validity period of 1, 3 and 6 months.  The total amount of coverage is UAH 25,000. The policy does not have a financial medicaid, age restrictions, and covers outpatient, inpatient COVID-19 treatment and examination , initially operate from the first day of the contract.  Insurance for foreigners is formed in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and English.

Voluntary health insurance for foreigners

Medical insurance is a general program for all purposes of the visit of foreigners, including obtaining a visa for temporary or permanent residence, and entry into Ukraine. The minimum cost of the policy is UAH 359. The validity period is 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and 1 year. The insurance coverage for such a contract is EUR 30,000. Includes all illnesses, injuries, emergency dentistry, repatriation, deportation and evacuation. When registering, it is important to add a checkmark to the COVID-19 coverage options (mandatory for crossing the border). The insurance contract is concluded in Ukrainian and English.

Travel insurance for foreign citizens

Travel insurance for foreigners is insurance for non residents, which also allows foreigners to enter and covers not only coronavirus, but all diseases and injuries (as well as medical insurance). This program can be concluded for a short period - minimum (7 days) or more, provides medical coverage for UAH 20,000, 25,000 and 30,000. The minimum cost of such a policy is UAH 154. Travel insurance can be issued by a foreigner who is already in Ukraine, or by a non-resident outside our country to cross the border and protect himself during his stay in Ukraine. Indicate in the calculator "Add insurance against COVID-19" (mandatory option for entering Ukraine). An electronic insurance contract is also formed in two languages ​​- Ukrainian and English.

Insurance program for foreigners in case of illness "Transit 5 days"

"COVID-STOP transit 5 days" is a program of insurance of foreign citizens against coronavirus, which allows you to cross the border of Ukraine in transit within 1 month to travel to a third country, using one policy at least twice: 2 days - one way travel, 2 days -  in return and 1 day - additional. The maximum stay at one time is 48 hours (2 days). The cost of the policy is UAH 75 for foreigners of any age. Insurance coverage - UAH 25,000. The Ukrainian-English electronic insurance contract is sent to a foreigner instantly after registration and payment online.

 Each insurance of foreigners issued in Misto IC:

  • suitable option for crossing the border and protects on the territory of Ukraine;

  • meets the requirements of Ukrainian ordinance, border and migration services;

  • recommended by embassies and consulates.

Make a suitable insurance option for foreign citizens in 5-10 minutes from anywhere in the world and travel to Ukraine with confidence!

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