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Product description

Property insurance - a reliable way to avoid possible significant losses in the event of damage or destruction of property.

The insurance contract applies to:

Real Estate:

  • buildings, structures, premises (apartments, dachas, residential buildings, garages, baths, commercial, industrial and office buildings, structures and premises, unfinished construction projects, canopies, covered areas, etc.);
  • structural elements of buildings, structures, premises (foundation, load-bearing walls, mezzanine floors, stairs, roof structures, roof, entrance group);


  • equipment of buildings, structures, premises;
  • engineering networks and structures;
  • interior items, household items;
  • household and electronic appliances;
  • building materials;
  • other property in agreement with the insurance company.

From what risks can you insure your property?

  • natural disasters;
  • fires;
  • flooding;
  • gas explosion;
  • illegal actions of third parties (theft, robbery, hooliganism, etc.);
  • collision with the insured property of land vehicles;
  • accidents of water supply, sewerage, heating systems.

The insurance contract can be concluded both for individual risks and for the full package.

How much can you insure your property?

The sum insured is determined by agreement between the Insurer and the Insured within the value of the property at the time of concluding the insurance contract. The sum insured can be set both for individual insured events and for a group of insured events.

How much is property insurance?

The amount of insurance payment is determined in accordance with the insurance rate, the amount of which is set depending on:

  • accepted for insurance risks;
  • sums insured;
  • term of insurance;
  • conditions of property preservation;
  • availability of means and safety measures and other factors, depending on the specific conditions of insurance.

What is paid?

Payment of insurance indemnity is made within the sum insured in the amount of actual losses caused to the insured property:

  • in case of loss of the sum insured;
  • in case of destruction in the amount of the sum insured less the value of the balances that are suitable for further use;
  • in case of damage in the amount of costs necessary for the restoration (repair) of the insured property. The Insured Property is considered damaged if the residual value of the Insured Property together with the costs of restoration (repair) does not exceed its actual value.

When calculating the amount of insurance indemnity also takes into account deductibles, unpaid parts of the annual insurance premium, the term of payment of which has not yet come, the amount received as compensation for damages from the guilty person.

What is the term of the property insurance contract?

One year or by agreement of the parties.

What is the scope of the insurance contract?

Address of the insured property on the territory of Ukraine.

What documents are required to conclude an insurance contract?

  • a document confirming the ownership of the property;
  • a document confirming the value of the property;
  • passport of a citizen of Ukraine;
  • identification code.

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